Equiderma Neem and Arnica Shampoo


Our 100% active ingredient, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant formulation is far more than just a traditional cleansing shampoo. It calms hives, soothes sweet itch and insect bite hypersensitivity, controls mites living in feather, and inhibits the growth of bacterial, fungal and dermatophyte-based skin issues. Designed to improve the condition of the skin, it leaves behind the natural oils essential for a shiny, glossy, healthy coat. Use this uniquely powerful Ayurvedic based formula as part of a regular grooming regimen to keep your horse’s coat in optimum condition or as part of our Equiderma system to attack skin problems. This seven course meal for your horse’s skin deeply nourishes and protects while imparting a long lasting show coat sheen. It rinses away quickly in one pass over your horse, making bath time more fun. This is a dream team of goodness you’ll never want to be without.

Contains: Organic Neem Leaf Tea, Neem Seed Oil, Arnica, Pine Bark , Basil, Chamomile, CherryBark | 32 ounceShipping NOT available on this item. IN STORE PICKUP ONLY.

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