Schockemöhle Equitus Gamma Anatomic Double Bridle


The anatomical double bridle Equitus Gamma is a true innovation by Schockemöhle Sports. Based on the popular EQUITUS line in terms of form and function, this model offers maximum wearing comfort for the horse. The curved caveson bypasses the sensitive main facial nerve, moreover, additional loops prevent the straps from slipping into the horse’s eyes. The bridle bit is fixed to the noseband with a button rivet, the curb bit is attached to the longer head piece strap. That way both bits are positioned more stable in the horse’s mouth. Thanks to its extra wide fit the curved browband avoids unnecessary pressure in the area of eyes and ears. Back pads cover the buckles and protect the horse’s head additionally. Equitus Gamma – the double bridle for a happy and motivated dressage horse!

  • Innovation: double bridle of the EQUITUS line
  • curved caveson bypasses the main facial nerve
  • back pad to cover the buckles
  • noseband width at front approx. 45 mm
  • bridle bit fixed on button rivet at noseband
  • curb bit fixed on longer head piece strap
  • additional loops guarantee the perfect positioning of the straps and prevents the straps from slipping into the horses eyes
  • wide and curved browband avoids pinching in the area of eyes and ears
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