Ovation EuroWeave™ Side Zip Silicone Grip Kentucky Jod


Have you ever approached the mounting block, wiggling and pulling your jods into a location where you’d have some hope at bending your knee enough to find your stirrup? Luckily, these breeches have eliminated the need for a pre-mounting jig, giving you the stretch and freedom to feel comfortable in and out of the tack.

  • TwillFlex™ – Woven 2-way stretch is soft, highly wicking, smooths and conceals while maintaining shape
  • RepelTech™ – Antistatic, resistan to abrasion and repels hair and dirt
  • FreshLock™ – Odor resistant and antimicrobial
  • UltraUV™ – Maximum UPF 50+ protection against 98% of UVA
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