Ogilvy Friction Free Shaped Hunter Pad


It is perfectly shaped to provide a clean, nice contour to your hunter saddle. The perfect ergonomic pad with its unique V-top shape (a characteristic of all Ogilvy Pads), it reduces friction at the withers and on the back, and sets the pad firmly at the base of the withers. Made with the same specifications and comfort material as the Profiles Pad, but enhanced with an integrated half pad composed of an unparalleled combination of anti-friction and 3-D shock absorbing material. This combination of materials stabilizes the saddle pad and transfers movement and resulting friction to the interior of the saddle pad, and away from the horse. Made of resistant poly cotton twill protected with stain resistant in the outside, and our special quick dry anti-bacterial/anti-fungal brushed poly inside. No foam in the inner part; it has been replaced by high performing hollow core fibers that wicks away the moisture from your horse and dries quickly after use. The faux sheep skin hunter pad is garnished with the best quality of natural white Merino wool not bleached to insure more durability.

V-Shape: special protection for the withers and the back.
Maximum breathability, moisture wicking
Shock absorbent
No rubbing, no friction
Stain resistant
Anti-microbial and anti-fungal
Quick dry

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