Horse Pilot E-Kelvin Vest


The heated E-Kelvin jacket provides innovative, intelligent thermal protection to keep out the cold. We chose I-Warm technology because it is one of the most innovative. Situated in the lining in the lower back, this carbon nanotube provides even, continuous heat, instantly. The temperature is activated and adjusted using a control button.

There are three levels:
• Low: 100° F / 38° C White indicator light
• Medium: 115° F / 46° C Orange indicator light
• High: 127° F / 53° C Red indicator light

You can use the “iwarm3” app for bespoke heat adjustment. The other innovation is that the heating structure of the jacket will continue to work even when damaged. Also, because there are no electronic components in the jacket itself, the E-Kelvin is machine washable, once the battery is removed.

Jacket supplied without battery. Compatible with a portable USB battery of 5V output.


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Weight 1.0000 lbs
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