Dreamers & Schemers DS Your Face


Let’s be socially responsible by wearing our  D&S washable and reusable face shield alone or even better, over a certified medical grade mask!  DS your face!

Perfect for Summer! Lightweight and comfortable. When you wear DS on your face, you’ll be able to breathe easily. Made for light workouts such as riding, walking around the showgrounds or running errands.

You’ll love how light and comfortable they are!

These accessories are 2 layers, the interior fabric that touches your face is cotton, the exterior is polyester. There are elastic loops to go around your ears for comfort. You can adjust the fit by tying small knots in the elastic to make them tighter, or using a piece or ribbon to loop through the ear pieces and tie around the back of your head! One size does not fit all, be prepared to modify the length of the ear elastics and please note the sizing is approximate! MADE IN THE USA which is so cool.


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